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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,    ETC.                       3

extremely anxious (I believe some assistance the
Empress agreed to give with regard to her fleet),
this person had to deliver the intelligence. On
hearing it, Pitt's exclamation was, "Thank God!"
Bose said, " No, has she indeed ! " and Lord
Carmarthen, " The devil she has! "

Lord George Gordon has been about, trying
to excite riots, and is outlawed from the parish
of Marylebone.

We dine often with my cousin, Sir Harry
Englefield, and his mother, who have a pleasant
house, and draw together Us beaux esprits. Wraxall,
Sloane, Isted, Knight, Lady Cadogan, Lady Mary
and Mr, Churchill, Horace Walpole and the Misses
Berry, are the general society there. Sir Harry
has an unpleasant way of haranguing, and declares
he does everything by the " rule of thumb." I
have not yet been able to ascertain what he means
by that expression; something very scientific I
make no doubt, but beyond my comprehension.1

i Sir Harry, being a great antiquarian, alluded probably
to the custom of sculptors, who are in the habit of passing
the thumb nail over the surface of their works, in order
to detect inequalities, I remember in later years to have
seen Sir Harry, then quite blind, descanting upon the
beauties of his splendid collection of Etruscan vases, and
following the contours of the figures by the aid of his